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2013 - 2014: La Vida de Pepa! The Life of Pepa!


This school year, please join Hola La’s funny blue-haired mascot, “Pepa”, and her tricky brother, “Pepe”, as their everyday routines become entertaining adventures! In the fall, children will have fun helping “Pepa” and “Pepe” get ready for school, as well as visit “la granja” (the farm) on school trips and weekends. In the winter, children will venture to school with “Pepa” and “Pepe”, as well as visit Puerto Rico for a big family reunion! In the spring, Pepa and Pepe will have fun sharing their favorite after-school games and snacks. They particularly love to catch butterflies and caterpillars! The children will then wrap up their day by eating dinner and listening to some fun stories and going to sleep.
Through Hola La's signature humor, catchy chants and engaging games and stories, children will learn everyday vocabulary and phrases, native customs of Puerto Rico, and get to know Pepa's family and new surroundings.*
School programs through 8th grade will engage through literacy and appropriately-mapped curriculum by grade level.*
*All Hola La curriculum incorporates colors, numbers, calendar, weather, greetings and other everyday modules as appropriate by age, length and 
frequency of programming.

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Hola La brings its classes to various towns in NY, MA and VA, and all are welcome! Families may join prorated, space permitting.


A CD AND CORRESPONDING BOOKLET are included in each child’s community class registration and through several schools for each session. CDs are created in collaboration with Rosi and Brian Amador of the popular bilingual children's band of Cambridge, MA, Sol y Canto.  

 Schools and Daycare Centers in MA, NY and Northern VA: Please contact us for information about free demonstrations. Hola La has the ability to adapt its curriculum and session duration (year-round or in weekly (6-12 weeks) sessions) to that of each school or center.

Hola La is a fun Spanish program for children preschool-age through 8th grade, offering designated classes in NY, MA and VA, as well as programs for schools and daycare centers.  Through a carefully crafted curriculum involving music, puppets, games, stories and adventures, Hola La strives to create an excitement in children around learning Spanish, which can so easily be reinforced in today's world. 

All Are Welcome:

Multilingual or Spanish-speaking families seeking support in speaking Spanish with children outside the home and with other children.

Families with little or no Spanish language skills seeking exposure to Spanish through immersion.

Educators of schools and daycare centers looking to provide a dynamic, year-round Spanish program for their students and families.

Children everywhere who love to swim like fish under a parachute, ride a bus through a farm, or play "Simon Says" in Spanish.

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